Sunday, 1 Jun 03
three is a magic number   @ 07:45 PM | file under: macintalk

Happy Birthday to my friends over at MacSlash! They've been bringing us the best in Mac news and discussion for three years, and have grown stupendously!

Congrats, Tom, Ben, Neil and crew!

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Thursday, 29 May 03
ani-bliss   @ 10:07 PM | file under: movies

What makes a geeky chick happy?

Finding DVD copies of Castle in the Sky (a.k.a. Laputa) and Spirited Away while on a completely unrelated mission... *plus* getting four bucks off for buying both. Didn't hafta twist my arm!

The hardest part is resisting watching them now, cos Kev has a load of work to do tonight. Whatever shall I do?

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summer sips   @ 11:23 AM | file under: caffeine

I think I've found my new hot-weather espresso drink.

Peet's (of course) iced mocha with hazelnut.

Lemme tell ya, it was sorely needed on this morning's commute. I picked one up on the way in. *slurp* yummm :d

So how's your day-before-Friday goin'? I know I am lookin' forward to a relazing weekend... that's all that is keeping me going, besides the mocha. ;) Hope all ya'lls have a Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, 27 May 03
58.97436%   @ 06:07 PM | file under: geeky talk

...Extreme Geek, I be.

I answered the test truthfully, I swear... and damned proud of it.

I enjoyed this test, as far as online quizzes go. Geeks rule.

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blog *this*   @ 05:10 PM | file under: blogiverse

it's a conspiracy. Not enough baby tees are sold by ThinkGeek and other geekwear sites.

You betcha I am.

(thanks guy!)

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Monday, 26 May 03
SF Bay Area Bloggers   @ 10:59 PM | file under: blogiverse is now live (after being on the back burner for months)! If you are a blogger in the San Francisco Bay Area, please submit your site and participate in the discussion forums (you will need to re-register on the forums if you registered during the beta)!

I look forward to meeting more of you local bloggers!

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choco fix   @ 08:01 PM | file under: munchies

For those of you worried about those nasty ol' trans fats, but love your Oreos...

Not to fear! I've tried the Trader Joe's "Joe Joes" cookies, and they are just as good, if not, better than those bad bad Oreos. Delightfully crispy wafers, and really good chocolate cream filling... *drool*

No, this isn't an advert, you silly person.

But, oh my... these are really good. *munch munch*

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a proposal   @ 06:08 PM | file under: randomness

I hereby propose that all weekends from this point on will be three day weekends.

Three day weeknds offer the following advantages:

  • two nights for staying up as late as we want, resulting in maximum relaxation
  • two mornings to catch up on sleep lost, resulting in better moods
  • A full day not sandwiched by the stresses of the previous and following weekdays
  • More of a chance to get your butts outside

I'm sure there are more (and better reasons), but heck, who can argue with a three day weekend?

Who's with me?

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