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May 29, 2003


What makes a geeky chick happy?

Finding DVD copies of Castle in the Sky (a.k.a. Laputa) and Spirited Away while on a completely unrelated mission... *plus* getting four bucks off for buying both. Didn't hafta twist my arm!

The hardest part is resisting watching them now, cos Kev has a load of work to do tonight. Whatever shall I do?

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March 26, 2003
back to the future

Why is it that the majority of movies these days are just mindless entertainment? Because it is the upbringing of the modern moviegoer... they were never taught to appreciate movies, and never really seem to want to learn. Why should they? Movies are just a source entertainment to them, so why should they have to think about it?

I found myself nodding in agreement with this article from Salon, paragraph after paragraph: Out of the Past.

"Since almost all of us grew up watching movies, we never feel that we have to learn how to watch them, in the same way that we have to learn how to read novels, listen to opera, watch dance or look at paintings. Part of the pleasure of movies is the energy that can seem so much more exciting and immediate than all that approved high culture."

There seems to be a great deal of people have an interest in knowing and learning from classic movies, but what holds them back from doing so? The accessibility to such materials is so much greater... more than it has ever been, with DVDs aplenty and specialized cable channels such as TCM, IFC, etc. So why not abuse it?

At the same time, our information age has spoiled us. The mass quantities of information that we get fed daily is so overwhelming, we forget to slow down and remember (and fully appreciate) our roots.

I also appreciate this theory:

"There is something antithetical to the American character in believing that movies that are familiar and pleasurable to us are also works of substance."

Another issue/factor is that modern day audiences laugh or scratch their heads at the dated behaviors and dialect in some of these classic movies (this is addressed in said article as well). What they may not understand is the effect(s) that these films have had on the industry and the art. Don't get me wrong, there was a share fair of crappy movies made in those days as well, but how can we just write off the movies that inspire the artists and moviegoers of motion pictures past and present?

What do you want out of your moviegoing experience? Do you have any desire to get to know classic movies? What are your favorite classics, if any?

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March 19, 2003
final flight

Hey movie and anime geeks!

Be sure to catch The Final Flight of the Osiris, the first installation of The Animatrix (the animated stories in the world of The Matrix) to be released in theatres. It will be attached to the Stephen King movie Dreamcatcher, which opens this Friday.

Why? Not just because it's cool and everyone's doing it. Mostly because my dear geek love worked on this short. ^_^

The full Animatrix DVD is to be released on June 3rd... but why wait? See it on the big screen!

For those of you interested in the CG feature work that Square Pictures has done, read the Ars Technica interview on FF:TSW, including my geek love (Kevin B.).

Super-Mega-Ultra UPDATE (3/21/03 20:45 Pacific):
Kev was interviewed by MSNBC on Final Flight! Glee!

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March 11, 2003

Who's excited? hmm? HMM?

The Real Folk Blues.

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January 23, 2003
Not intentional, I swear

I just received the next DVD in my Netflix queue this afternoon.

I came inside and put it next to another DVD I got last week to watch. Amusingly, these movies are Blow and Dick.

I swear, this was not intentional. Subliminal? Who knows.

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September 20, 2002
spirited away

I'm all excited and stuff. Spirited Away opens today in the US, and I'm itching to see it.

"Spirited Away" is the latest film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, best known as the director of great films such as "Princess Mononoke" and "My Neighbor Totoro". If you have never seen his films, I suggest you do so soon! He has been in the business a long time, and has a real knack for engaging storytelling and beautiful cinematography.

A lot of people seem to think that Anime is all cute cute creatures or giant robots or teenage girls in school uniforms. Give it a chance and open your mind! Don't judge Anime at all until you see a Miyazaki film.

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August 15, 2002
rules of attraction

This is so great, I have to share it.

A few of Roger Avary's recent posts on his blog have been regarding his new film, Rules of Attraction.

(click for a full image of the poster)

This teaser (although not official) poster (which has caused quite a stir in the rumor sites) is available as a large JPG file for you to do what you please with it... print it and post it!

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May 06, 2002
It's Gigantic!

17 May 2002 is an important day.

No, it's not just Bob Saget's Birthday!

The 17th is the day of the West Coast Premiere of "Gigantic"! For those of you not in the know, "Gigantic" is a documentary film all about my favorite band of all time, They Might Be Giants!

The premiere is during the 2002 Docfest in San Francisco. More specifically, at Studio Z (formerly the Transmission Theater) 314 - 11th Street at Folsom.

Be there or be square.

Oh, and if you *are* there, let me know. We'll go get some pie or something.

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March 16, 2002
Pins and Needles

Kevin's back home today, and he thinks everything went well. Hopefully things are starting to come together, although the uncertainty remains.

I'm glad he's back, because for some reason, I sleep uncomfortably when he's away. Last night I fell asleep on my arm and it was full of pins n' needles when I woke up in the middle of the night. It's so weird when your arm loses all feeling and it just kinda flops around until blood flow is restored.

Anyhoo... we went to see Ice Age after grabbing a couple of Frappuccinos. A lot of good laughs to be had at this flick, and I think it'll do well. Gee, too bad that Fox shut down their animation studios.

Oh yeah, that Toy Commercial of a Trailer for Star Wars Episode II was shown. Heh.

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