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May 27, 2003

blog *this*

it's a conspiracy. Not enough baby tees are sold by ThinkGeek and other geekwear sites.

You betcha I am.

(thanks guy!)

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May 26, 2003
SF Bay Area Bloggers is now live (after being on the back burner for months)! If you are a blogger in the San Francisco Bay Area, please submit your site and participate in the discussion forums (you will need to re-register on the forums if you registered during the beta)!

I look forward to meeting more of you local bloggers!

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April 06, 2003

I love finding new and interesting blogs. I love meeting new and interesting people, too!

I guess I had heard of GeoURL before, but never really looked at it until I saw writeups on a couple of sites today. It's really spiff! You can find blogs by location... more specifically, by your coordinates. How delightfully geeky is that?

You can check out my neighbors to see how it works!

...and you can add your URL here.

(via LockerGnome)

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April 01, 2003
lock, stock, and bloggers

Dang, I'm becoming dangerously close to becoming addicted to BlogShares, the fantasy blog stock market. I've already benefitted by finding some hiddden gems like Chocophile, among others.

Listed on BlogShares

So hey, why don't you buy some stock in this here blog? The price is right at $1.49! Get it while it's still hot!

And some of you out there still need to claim your blogs, so I can buy stock in 'em!

As of 1 April 2003 22:45, I own a piece of:

This is constantly changing, but this gives you an idea of what my portfolio consists of.

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March 27, 2003
blog boy

Hey, guess who's bloggin' now?

Kevin has started his very own blog! Please do visit and give him a nice warm welcome to the blogiverse.

...and be kind. Behave yourself over there or else I may hafta spank your IP.

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March 21, 2003
meetup roundup

I know, I'm a bit late in expounding on the Weblogger Meetup on this past Wednesday night. But hey, better late then never. ^_^

I was hostess again for the blessed event. The usual crowd was all there... Guy, Ealasaid, Twon, and myself. We were also joined by new regulars Elke and Mark (fellow mac users! huzzah!). Newcomers tonight included David and Ahmad, two really nice fellas that I look forward to seeing at more meetups. Our little group is growing... so exciting. :)

As always, great coffee, great conversation and of course, lots geek talk and laughs. Elke and I compared iPods, and Ealasaid busted out her astounding Lord of the Rings card game collection. My gawd, that is dangerous stuff. I really want to get into that, but I figure I should get my skillz in Mechwarrior down first. Man... so many cool games out there.

I continue to be delighted with how many cool people I've met through blogging. I look forward to the next meetup, and meeting more cool bloggers in the near future. :)

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March 12, 2003
blogger survey


Hey blog kids! Take a quick survey on blogging to help a Georgetown student with her thesis.

It's anonymous, easy and inobtrusive. Mostly demographic type stuff.

[/end PSA]

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March 07, 2003
who are the bloggers in your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood... in your neigh-bor-hoooood...

I'm only posting this cos I found it to be pretty darned cool, and helped me find some new reads!

BlogStreet Blog Neighborhoods

My top ten related blogs are:

  1. evhead
  2. gnome-girl
  3. inside gretchen's head
  4. Uhhhhhhh... What's going on here?
  5. megnut
  6. a small victory
  7. dive into mark
  8. Boing Boing (w00t!)
  9. besidemanner
  10. Acerbia

Wha'bout you? Ping away!

Well they're the people that you meet When you're walking down the street They're the people that you meet each day!

-snappy tune from Sesame Street

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February 10, 2003
SF Bay Bloggers Banners

Hey kids!

I need some input on some possible banners for the upcoming (which, although not finished, you may visit and peruse)...

Opinions? Suggestions? Flames? Please provide in the comments.

Thanks :)

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January 26, 2003

Found via Christine...

READ ME: a weblog disclaimer.

This is definitely a required read for Weblog newbies, or Webloggers that need a refresher on blogging netiquette. Do check it out.

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January 17, 2003
I know you're out there...

A couple of months ago, I learned a new blogging term via Christine, who had learned it via Mike. I thought today might be an appropriate day to introduce (or re-introduce):

Blurker (BLUR-kur): n. 1. One who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of themselves such as comments behind; a silent observer of blogs. 2. One who reads many blogs but has no blog of their own; a blog-watcher or blog voyeur.

My referrer logs tell me that a lot more people visit here than leave comments. Some people truly have nothing to say. Some people have a few thoughts to share, but are too shy! Some people think whatever they say may make them seem dumb/ignorant/mean/etc.! You need not worry about that here.

Unless you're a troll, of course. :P

I love it when my blog entries provoke discussion, like my "Is it Art" entry the other day... I am still enjoying that one! I love hearing from you folks out there in the Inter-web thingy. I'll let you know that I also visit the sites of people that comment here pretty faithfully. It's all about the communitiy. So if you just want a new reader at your blog/site/whatever, try me!

Even if you have nothing to say right now, let me know you're here. Chime in and let me know how long you've been reading and how you found me! I'm just curious!

P.S.: I realize a lot of people are here today because of the GnomeReport... Welcome! Say "Hi" if you may!

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January 16, 2003
meetup report

We had another record night at last nights meetup! Yay!

The usual suspects were there, Guy (who really needs to update his blog, heh), Ealasaid (with newly repaired car in tow, I mean, not literally), Twon (Fashionably Late, of course) and I... as well as first-timers Elke (everyone's favorite aunt) and Rich (backdating blog entries *is* alright!). Faisal ("Hi, I'm a Mac user!") sat with us for short spell as well. Good times, good coffee, great conversation!

Does anyone ever discuss the suggested theme at their meetups? We mentioned "Blogging in Wartime" maybe in passing, but I think the discussion of how to avoid meetings at work was more productive.

I forgot to take pictures. AGAIN.

We're hoping to get more and more peeps to the meetup... we're in the Silicon Valley, for jeebus' sake! And I need to get more contacts for (coming soon to a browser near you), dangit!

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