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I know, I'm a bit late in expounding on the Weblogger Meetup on this past Wednesday night. But hey, better late then never. ^_^

I was hostess again for the blessed event. The usual crowd was all there... Guy, Ealasaid, Twon, and myself. We were also joined by new regulars Elke and Mark (fellow mac users! huzzah!). Newcomers tonight included David and Ahmad, two really nice fellas that I look forward to seeing at more meetups. Our little group is growing... so exciting. :)

As always, great coffee, great conversation and of course, lots geek talk and laughs. Elke and I compared iPods, and Ealasaid busted out her astounding Lord of the Rings card game collection. My gawd, that is dangerous stuff. I really want to get into that, but I figure I should get my skillz in Mechwarrior down first. Man... so many cool games out there.

I continue to be delighted with how many cool people I've met through blogging. I look forward to the next meetup, and meeting more cool bloggers in the near future. :)


Hi Courtney! I found you from Eric's post about Blair. I'm in San Jose too! Haven't done any Blog Meetups before. Maybe I can go to the next one. :D

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