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This is schweet. Chris and I have just completed a session of Warwalking in SF, and we've found a plethora of wireless access points right in his neighborhood. The thrill of seeing an access point pop up on MacStumbler is a geeky delight.

I blog this from the front step of Casa de Pirillo. It's so cool. :)

My arm hurts from carrying around my Powerbook (although it really is a light laptop), but it was an enlightening experience.

UPDATE (3/23/03 11:52):

My arms still are sore today. How lame does that sound? Soreness from a geek activity...?

"How did you injure your arms?"

"It's an old geek injury. Got it in the ol' Warwalk of 2003."

"Oh you poor thing. Let me buy you a coffee."

oh, agony, agony...


Try sticking using the audible alert. Then you can walk around with a pair of headphones on. It works best when driving too.

transmitted by Loyd on March 24, 2003 05:38 AM

This sounds like fun. But I think I may be the only person in Hays, KS to have a wireless network.

transmitted by randy on March 24, 2003 10:10 AM

Nice pictures. A pleasant day, omnipresent Wi-Fi in the air and a beautiful Apple Powerbook at your fingertips. Things like that make me green with envy. :-)

transmitted by Dale on March 27, 2003 05:29 PM

Court I worry about you not getting enough protein. C'mon, your ibook is as light as a feather! You should take the TOSHIBA PHYSICAL CHALLENGE that my laptop has to offer. It's 9+ lbs of downward gravitational pull. I can't even make it from the bedroom to the living room futon without switching arms at least once. :)

transmitted by Compu Kraut on April 3, 2003 08:24 AM
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