Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics
Born 27 Sept 1976.
Whoa man.
Currently in "The Heart of Silicon Valley", Santa Clara, CA. Recently moved (April 2002) from Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.

Filipina and Spanish. Other assorted stuff in there, but those are the main two.

Where did you come from?
Umm. Didn't you learn this in Health Ed?
I was born in rasied in Walnut Creek, CA.

Where did you go to school?
Attended Elementary/Jr. High at St. Perpetua's Catholic School 1990; Acalanes High School 1994; Diablo Valley College 1997; Academy of Art College 2000; De Anza College since Fall 2002.

Happily engaged to Kevin, been together over five years.

Getting Personal
When's the Wedding? (asked by Paul)
As of the moment, no firm date. We are trying to plan as much as we can.
What are your top ten favorite video games? (asked by Paul)
Hmm. Tough one. Console or arcade? Hafta think about this one.

What Actor turns you on the most? (asked by Paul)
David Duchovny is pretty easy on the eyes :)
But as for acting as an art, I love the skills of Edward Norton.

Career, Profession, Hobbies
What did you do at Pixar and was it fun? (Did you meet Steve Jobs in person? (asked by Paul)
I was an on-call P.A. (Production Assistant). I worked with the production and editorial departments, mostly. I also worked for a short time in Steve's on-site office, but he was rarely there. I was fun while it lasted.
Random Questions
Is it "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" or "Duck, Duck, Goose"? (asked by Paul)
Grey Goose!
Blogger Code?
B5 d++ t+ k s+ u f i o+ x- e l c
Decode it here, or get your own!

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last updated 06 September 2002

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