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Caches Found:
Date Cache Name (Location) Photo Gallery? Notes
04 September 2002 Enchanted Moss (California) No
30 August 2002 TRIFECTA (California) No
30 August 2002 Oakland Mole (California) No
29 August 2002 Bikes Cars and Trains (California) No
29 August 2002 Around the Grounds (California) No
24 August 2002 Eucalyptus Kid's Cache (California) No
21 August 2002 El Paso de los SueƱos (California) No Microcache
17 August 2002 Dryad (California) No
17 August 2002 Vasona Park Picnic (California) Yes
04 August 2002 Ring Mountain Mini Tub (California) No
26 July 2002 Dad's Cache (Nevada) No Not Found
26 July 2002 Logging Road --> NOT! (Nevada) Yes
21 July 2002 See the Lake (California) No
21 July 2002 Mom and Kid Adventure Cache (California) No
20 July 2002 Evil Empire (California) Yes
11 July 2002 Mumbo! Jumbo! (California) Yes
11 July 2002 Zebra with a Sunburn (California) No Reminds me why this game is so fun!
09 July 2002 Grassy Knoll (California) No
09 July 2002 Travel Bug Trader (California) No
04 July 2002 Fuzzy Wuzzy (California) Yes
03 July 2002 Coyote Creek Pigeonhole (California) Pending
03 July 2002 Fly in SJC (California) No Cool hidden park!
02 July 2002 The Wallis Bee Tree (California) No Microcache
02 July 2002 Geocache (California) No
02 July 2002 The Dump (California) Yes
02 July 2002 Rhino Eels (California) Yes
29 June 2002 Edith's Trunk (California) Yes Team Geek's 1st multi-cache
26 June 2002 Los Gatos Creek Trail (California) Yes
25 June 2002 Fruit Cocktail (California) Yes
24 June 2002 New Stinky (California) Yes
24 June 2002 Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge (California) No
24 June 2002 No eGrets (California) No Not Found
22 June 2002 Henry's Hidden Box (California) No
22 June 2002 Bog, Log, Pollywog (California) No Very clever! One of my faves.
22 June 2002 SF Bay Area Picnic (California) No Fun fun fun!
20 June 2002 T in the Road (California) Yes Not all *that* stinky... ;)
19 June 2002 Qume (California) Yes 2nd attempt, found immediately.
19 June 2002 Stevens Creek Software Exchange (California) No
12 June 2002 The Cuesta Quest (California) No Cache was vandalized, but temporary one is there
10 June 2002 Small Joys (California) No Joe's First cache
09 June 2002 Yellowstone Park (California) No
09 June 2002 Qume (California) N/A Not found
08 June 2002 Atari (California) N/A
07 June 2002 Girly Cache (California) No Asa & Adam's first cache
06 June 2002 Atari (California) Yes
05 June 2002 La Luna (California) Yes
Travel Bugs Found/Placed
Date Travel Bug Name Status
02 July 2002 (found)
04 July 2002 (placed)
Travel Cache (Cache in a Cache) Found at Rhino Eels
Placed in Fuzzy Wuzzy
26 June 2002 (found)
02 July 2002 (placed)
Patty Pink Found at Los Gatos Creek Trail
Placed in Geocache
22 June 2002 (found)
24 June 2002 (placed)
Visting Cousins Found at Henry's Hidden Box
Placed in New Stinky
09 June 2002 (found)
20 June 2002 (placed)
The Silliad (Rufus the Red) Found at Yellowstone Park
Placed in T in the Road
Recently Logged Benchmarks
Date Waypoint (Designation) Status
12 June 2002 HS4933 (SCOTT) Still in good shape.
Notable Links pertaining to Geocaching
Site Name Notes
Geocaching,com Where it all begins
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Cache Maps: CA Cache Maps in California
Forums: West & Southwest Geocaching topics in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.
Where's George? Track your dollar bills here. A lot of Where's George bills travel through Geocaches.
BookCrossing Track your used books! I've seen a couple of Bookcrossing books in caches already.
Poison Oak FAQ A really good info page on Poison Oak... very helpful for us Californians!
The Degree Confluence Project An ambitious project to visit every latitude/longitude crossing in the world.

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