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I have no idea why, but I was hit with an urge to do some work fairly late in the evening. Maybe it's because I'm getting all geek-cited about learning PHP.

I used my blooming skillz to create a new "Current Weather Conditions" page on This Week's site. It's pretty spiff. Sure, I used someone else's script, but I customized it. That's how we all learn to code, eh?

Then I thought, "hey, I could use this kinda stuff for my own needs"! So I poked around a bit and found some web-fetching scripts to get me started. Look what I made... a Geeky Start Page for myself! I'm gonna customize it even more, add some of my favorite comics to it, local geocaches, and all sorts of neat stuff. w00t!

Oh yeah, and sleep should come pretty soon. Dang.

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