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Alright, I've already tried this out on the local community, to not much response, so I'll give it a try here...

Does anyone have a Pencam (any model) they are willing to trade for my Eyemodule? I do not use a Handspring Visor with a springboard slot any more (I bought a Treo last year), so the eyemodule is useless. A Pencam would provide me with equivalent quality and portability, methinks.

Mostly cos I like the MoBlog galleries I've seen around. :)

Check out the pictures, and let me know if you have a Pencam you want to trade or maybe buy my old Visor Platinum too. They're both in great shape. :)


Sorry, I don't have one to trade, but I can tell ya ,you'll LOVE the pencam. I have the aiptek mini pencam and it's so much fun. Crappy in low light (or really bright light), and the manual focus takes a while to get used to, but I've taken some great shots w/ it. I have a whole pencam cat on my blog. I never go anywhere without it. Fun! :) I found a "tinycams" yahoo group that is alot of fun.

transmitted by Laserone on April 3, 2003 07:52 AM

They sell pretty well on FleaBay, um, eBay.

I am all PocketPC now, but I still keep my Visor around becuase I have that GPS module. I keep thinking I will Geocache someday (uhhuh, suuuuure I will).

Good luck selling it.

As for the PenCam, Ive seen them at Wal-Mart in the glass cabinets they have, and one time I saw the PenCam on a shelf for about $30.

If you can't find one, I am sure there are a few here in Oklahoma I can track down for you.

transmitted by PromoGuy on April 4, 2003 08:55 AM

I looooove my PenCam. And I have PromoGuy's old Eyemodule, so I don't need one of those either. I'm a camera junkie, so I won't get rid of either one!

I'm confused though - I thought moblogs were normally people that had the Hiptop/Sidekick phone thing? And used that for the photos? Just trying to stay hip & cool in all of my terms!

transmitted by Christine on April 6, 2003 02:06 PM

christine is right. most moblogs are made from wireless devices. I just like the concept of making a visual blog entry :)

transmitted by courtney on April 6, 2003 02:18 PM
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