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We were pretty much nonstop today, although I will note that I woke up late. Mmm. Sleep.

Team Geek went out on our first Multi-Cache today (er, Saturday), Edith's Trunk. Very challenging, seeing that we parked across the freeway from it and we were walking around for a total of close to 3 hours (including in the wrong park entirely!). But we found it... rather, Andy found it! The first one that he had found himself.

We came straight home to meet Asa for a nice little Barbeque in our backyard. Mmm. Asa made some kickass burgers with our bottle of Ring of Fire BBQ Sauce. Good stuff, adds a nice kick.

Then, it was poker as usual. Except... Andy and Michelle didn't bring along the poker chips and cards. So we improvised!

We used Lego blocks as our poker chips. They stack pretty well, and you can make cool things with your winnings. Look here for pictures from tonight's poker game.

I think it's time to sleep.

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