"Hello, I must be going." -- Groucho Marx


I know that I'm not gonna keep ya here forever. Here's some links that have some relevance to me, in no particular order. My links are a mix of frequently visited sites, sites I find amusing and interesting, combined with great design. expressmedscanada.com

Last updated 29 July 2002.

They Might Be Giants official website (designed by the Chopping Block!)
The Onion is definitely "America's Finest News Source".
But don't forget Modern Humorist either... they have earned a place in my heart for one of the best humor sites on the web.
Fark.com has current news in good humor, and the occasional good photoshopped picture. ;) Although not top in my list for design, the excellent content makes up for it!
Wil Wheaton Dot Net is the official, self-maintaned site of, you guessed it, Farkin' Wil Wheaton. He maintains a Weblog that's addicting. One of my main hangouts is the Soapbox.
Can't get enough humor and satire? Try Something Awful. The Internet DOES make you stupid.
One of the few comics that has ever REALLY made me Laugh Out Loud... Sinfest.
Adagio Teas is the best source to feed the obsession of tea drinkers everywhere (like me).
TheFray.com is about telling true, personal stories on the web. Designed by Derek Powazek, one of the few web designers I look up to.
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