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Sorry that there hasn't been a lot of bloggage happening at this site in the past few days... real life calls. Being back at school, handling some freelance jobs, as well as maintaining a household kinda distracts me from the real fun stuff. ;)

There have been some updates to the link weblog... new entries, as well as a link submission window. Send me your fun, weird and interesting links!

If you were wondering who the cute little girl is that has been on the webcam still for a few days, it's my niece Maddie (Madeline). Isn't she a cutie? She came for a visit this past Saturday. Just so you know, I didn't shrink into a 2 year old.

Halloween is upon us... we're gonna go to a REAL pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay this weekend, I think, and hand pick our punkins from the field. I'm pondering a cool pattern to put on my pumpkin for this year. This one is just downright frightening... and you can't scare the kiddies more than this one, for sure!


Holy cow, those are some freaky patterns.

I thought I was into detailed carving, but those are amazing.

transmitted by Ealasaid on October 7, 2002 11:26 PM

I dunno whether to say amazing or sad... ;)

transmitted by courtney on October 8, 2002 04:50 PM
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