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It's an unfortunate fact that an unfortunate event brings people back together. But it's fortunate that it does bring people back together, y'know?

Wow, that paragraph is confusing. But d'ya get my drift?

I just got off the phone with my friend Tiffany, who I have not talked to in, gosh, I dunno... four years? We were best friends in high school, and drifted apart a few years after graduation. I decided to try and get a hold of her the other day, to notify her of recent news with our friend Joe.

What a shock to learn that her boyfriend (now fiancé!) also had a form of cancer two years ago! I had no idea. It is such a big reality check that kids our age (mid-twenties) are falling ill in such drastic ways. Sometimes we forget how vulnerable we really are... it is common for young people to think that they are invincible.

In the end, we're simply all humans, and we're all equally vulnerable. Humbling, ainnit? Just tonight's food for thought.


Yeah, I kinda got that wake-up call when I was about 17-18 (about 5 years ago) when a guy I knew who was my age died of inoperable brain cancer and less than a year later my best friend growing up was diagnosed with a brain tumor (non-cancerous, but none-the-less dangerous) during a routine visit to the optomitrist (sp?). Twenty-four hours later she was in surgery. She was eventually diagnosed with a disease that makes tumors grow randomly over her in entire body. At the time, they found them on her kidneys and lungs as well as the one on her brain. Statistically it is only a matter of time before one grows in her heart or brain that cannot be removed.

transmitted by gesikah on June 11, 2003 06:12 AM

Yeah, that cancer stuff is a mind blow.

A few years back my old highschool friend's boyfriend blew his brains out with a double barrelled shot-gun. That was weird as hell. Never thought I'd know someone who killed themselves. I went to that funeral, saw lots of former classmates.

transmitted by Ginny on June 11, 2003 02:28 PM

Sorry to hear about your friend...I know how it is as well. Lost my grandfather to cancer.

It is a shame how sometimes we let friendships go for so long without checking in. I have friends like that who I never see unless something drastic happens like you mentioned. It's a shame too, because they are great people to hang out with. It's weird how things work out that way sometimes...I really can't explain why we never stay in touch. Perhaps we've gotten used to the routine.

transmitted by Izzy on June 11, 2003 03:50 PM

I lost my grandmother to cancer. It was sudden and shocking.

We all thought she would live to 100 (since her parents almost did & she was so, so energetic).

But I know with people who are our age it's like a punch in the gut. Our age. Eeek. That sounded terribly adult.

transmitted by :: jozjozjoz :: on June 11, 2003 05:46 PM

Cancer is the suck.

Both my mom's parents (although they lived into their 70s). My mom's brother (50s). My mom (53). My wife (39). All gone. My dad had colon cancer, but survived. I'm just waiting for mine to show up. With my family history, I'm as good as gone. The next funeral I want to attend is my own. I've had enough of the damned things.

transmitted by Ed on June 12, 2003 09:55 AM

Hi toonie:
This sort of thing is epidemic even amongst young people now. I don't think the media "get it" yet and cancers are too hard to figure out for epidemiologists to get a handle on it. Ebola, easy. This? Tough. I believe, sadly, that it's because we have upfarked our food and our environment with subtle yet toxic chemicals and metals and interesting designer fats.

Your story makes me want to jump in a car and drive to San Francisco and start pounding on doors, just to make sure everyone I haven't talked too forever is fine... crap, we're all turning for... *ain't sayin it, nope* ;(

transmitted by zorgon on June 12, 2003 05:44 PM
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