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I had forgotten what an interesting experience school is. I mean, not just for my learning experience, but the dynamics within the classroom itself. It's interesting to see how people interact with each other in the classroom context.

I have been reminded of the fact that there always has to be a smartass in each class... well, at least someone that likes to question the teacher's knowledge and credibility. Why do these students feel that it is necessary to argue with the teacher about these silly topics?

I am fortunate(?) enough to have a couple of these guys in my unix class. Last week, I think they spent about half an hour arguing with our teacher about what is the best OS... and of course, they all insisted that they were right. I mean, heck, people, we're not paying to hear you rant... no OS advocacy, please, I can get that for free elsewhere. They also keep interrupting the lecture and start spewing "other better ways" to do what the teacher is talking about. OKAY, guys, this is a beginner's class, and we're going by the book for now, so please zip it and let the rest of us learn. I will admit that the class is going a wee bit slow, but I think a review is always good. No harm done.

There was someone in class today that brought their iBook to class (running jaguar, of course), which I think is a good call. I think I'll bring my powerbook with next time. I do have a small issue with not having this class in the computer labs, where we can learn hands-on. We're taking notes off of the white board and overhead projector, which seems a little bass-ackwards to me.

Class is going extremely slow, but for fairly good reason. The original intro to unix class was way too intense... I believe it covered the entire textbook in one quarter. So they decided to stretch that cirriculum across three quarter-long classes starting this fall. It seems to me that the teachers are stumbling a llittle bit with the lessons because of this change, but I'm forgiving. -_^

The return to college has been interesting so far.


oi. i gotta start studying for the GRE ... i suck at math.

transmitted by eric on October 1, 2002 10:38 PM have a Powerbook? i've been looking into possibly getting a mac. i love the idea of having a little unix machine in my backback. of course that's a lot of $$$ for a toy. =)

transmitted by grant on October 2, 2002 02:28 PM


I had to send you a little message tonight on this momentous occasion. I realize this isn't the spot for it - is there a place I can start my own comments? I guess I don't understand blogs yet. Educate me!

Anyway, the occasion is that tonight I installed a CDRW, a 3.5" floppy drive, and a Firewire card into Toni's computer. First time ever installing a PCI card into a PC (done it on a mac more than once). Then I installed software. A couple of drivers installed themselves, and I installed MusicMatch. It came bundled with Toni's iPod. I then loaded my first 6 songs into MusicMatch, and synced the iPod, thereby initiating our iPod voyage with 6 Beck MP3s (deliberately ignoring the sticker that held the iPod's plastic sleeve closed, which read "Don't Steal Music").

Thus Toni begins her iPod related happiness. I admit, of course, that I am only telling you all of this because I know it will make you jealous. Hell, you have so many cool toys that one of the first things Toni said when I put the headphones over he head was, "I don't deserve this. You or Courtney should have this, not me." Alas, we dont', it's hers. Although I may borrow it every once in a while. ;-)

It was a blast seeing you, and I was happy to see you all. The look on your faces when I walked in after Chris were priceless. Oh, and your sausages were most excellent.


transmitted by Bri on October 2, 2002 09:58 PM

Grant: Get a mac. Like now. Get back to me when you do so... ;)

Bri... so great to hear from you. I immediately bugged Toni about the iPod as soon as I read your comment. I do hope she's enjoying it... she feels she is not geeky enough to have such a cool toy. WE WILL ASSIMILATE HER... SHE WILL BE A GEEK. ^_^;;

transmitted by courtney on October 3, 2002 04:18 PM
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