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What a birthday it was! It started off with a good session of sleeping in. Mmm... sleep. Kev had the day off, so he got to sleep in with me! What a bonus, when you get to sleep in late and have someone to keep you warm on a windy autumn morning!

Kev had planned for us to drive up to Marin for some wandering and exploration. We used to live in Mill Valley many years ago, when we were first together. His ultimate goal was to get us up around Mt. Tam to watch the sunset. Aww!

I had forgotten to charge the battery on the digital camera (it's his, but we have been sharing it), so I immediately ran to plug it in before getting myself ready to go. When it came to be the time to leave, I was bummed to see that the battery was not fully charged, but I unplugged it anyways.

Hmm. "What to do?" I thought out loud.

"Use this one," Kev said, and handed me a battery. It was a retangular looking battery, and it wasn't at all like the one that we used in the G1. I stared at him, confused.

"When did you get this?" I asked.

"I did when I got THIS!" he said gleefully, and handed me a box containing a Canon Powershot S330. OMG... the one I was toiling over last month! I was blown away. I wasn't expecting a gift, really... all I wanted today was to spend some quality time with Kev. But, wow. I took some great pictures today with it.

We had lunch a a great Thai restaurant on Irving Street in SF, then headed to Mill Valley to see how much the place has changed since we left. A few new stores here and there, but it was pretty much the same... yuppie-ville. After grabbing a Freddo at Peet's (of course), we headed up towards Mt. Tam and froze our keesters off in the cold wind on Fairfax-Bolinas Road! What a lovely view, though... I've missed it! We then took a coast drive to see Stinson Beach, reconnect with some redwoods, and visited Muir Beach as well. A very lovely drive, indeed.

I'll post some photos in my photo gallery soon... I do so dig this camera. :)

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