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Tonight was poker night, which also served double duty as a second llittle birthday party for yours truly. The best birthday gift of all was a surprise visit from Bri (who now lives in Washington state)!

We had the PokerCam on for a while, but switched to a videoconference with Bri's wife back in WA, for some fun real-time video chat. Sorry if you guys were hoping to watch some hot poker action. ;)

Some of my friends chipped in together and got me a Olympus VN-1800 digital voice recorder. It'll come in handy for school, as well as recording my many ideas that I have while on the road or on the go, including blog entries! I've learned that it's dangerous to try to scribble in your Palm while driving, heh. Wow... another gadget to add to my collection. Jeez, now I need a man purse for all these gadgets!

Now to bed. Mmm... sleep.

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