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Got back from the DNA Lounge just a while ago, where there was an EFF benefit taking place. The benefit featured Wil Wheaton versus Barney the Dinosaur in a grudge boxing match. Good fun.

I drove up to SF with Ben, and we met up with Loren there. It was absolutely mad there... no one could hear a word anyone else was saying, and it was pretty hard to make out any faces in the dark. Made it doubly hard to locate Wil, but we did it. He was constantly surrounded by a gaggle of geeks, and constantly being pulled away for pictures. It must be weird being a celeb. But he handled it very well. Don't get me started on the giggling girls.

We had a quick bite to eat with Wil's wife, Anne, after toiling to find an open mexican joint... some random guy from the club wanted us to buy him a veggie burrito. No dice, so we just settled upon whatever was open. The waitress even forgot my order. Lovely. But we killed time by passing a napkin around the table and taking turns drawing on it. Kind of like an exquisite corpse... but different. Look for it on eBay soon.

The DJs back at the lounge were a bit mad. Some of the tunes they played were really way out there. Some experimental shit, I guess. Lots of screeees and scratches and... stuff. My ears hurt. Anne had fun being a complete goofball on the dance floor... shaking her thang at these guys that took themselves WAY too seriously. Ben was sure he was gonna get lucky with one of the guys dressed in black and toting a gin and tonic. Wil gave a pretty kickass speech and gave that damn dino a good fight. Me, I just took the pictures.

You can see the photos from the evening in my photo gallery. I need to sleep.

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