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I spent a nice couple of hours over at REI this afternoon trying to find some good, reasonably priced, hiking boots.

After an interesting exchange on the Forums, I decided against some all-terrain Nikes that I had looked at earlier this week at another store, in favor of a boot. Gotta have that ankle support.

I bought some! Salomon Exit Mid GTX boots. They're solid, and comfy.

I've been wearing them ever since I got home this afternoon to break em in. I feel mighty funny tromping around in the house in these things, heh. Seems like overkill.

Kevin called this afternoon... it was 1AM in London when he called. He had just returned from seeing Star Wars Episode II for the second time. Apparently, one of his UK co-workers, who is heading the Gathering, is a huge Star Wars nut. He made everyone wear Jedi Robes and yield light sabers all day. Hahaha. Even to walk to the movie theatre.

Makes sense, I guess. Game Developers = Geeks = Star Wars Nerds.

Or something.

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