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I am now officially wireless! w00t!

We had bought a couple of Linksys WAP11s at Fry's a while back, and I couldn't get the base one to do crap. After lots of toiling, I gave up for a spell and didn't bother with it.

Until now. I looked at the box that I had opened and saw the stupid "Open Box" sticker on the front of the box. CRAP. That's not what I needed to see. This dilemma has happened TWICE to Kevin already in the past coupla weeks... and both items did not work when he plugged em in.

Dadgummed Fry's and their dadgummed Open Box stickers. >.

So I opened the "NEW" box that was sitting unopened and plugged it into our Asante Friendlynet Router. Booyah! I saw the signal bar on the Airport Control Panel shoot up. Success!

Thanks to Chris, who helped me through this shit. Although, I did get myself out of it... ;)

Then again, he got me into this as well. Damn you, Chris. Damn you.

Now I can compute in bed, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Not like I will... *g*

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