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I slack. I think I blame the lack of caffeine.

I see you lurking out there, Zorgon. Help a sista out.

I had a pretty slow weekend, but I think that's a good thing. We needed the west and wewaxation. Caught a coupla foreign films, a yummy dinner at Ninniku-ya (Garlic Restaurant in Honolulu), sleeping in, and a impromptu hike down the Old Pali Highway. You can see the pictures I took on our little hike at my Photo Diary, including some cool Jackson Chameleons!

I did spend a lot of time this weekend on the ol' resumÈ. The time is growing nearer and nearer. Kevin did get an offer today, but we're waiting to hear from others to compare and discuss. Square shuts down officially this Friday! Tick tick tick tick... we're feelin' the pressure. I think I'm gonna put in my notice at work sometime this week.

What else can I say? It's a Monday. Back to work. Dragging feet. Craig had mentioned to me today that this is a four day week. Not for us publishing cronies. We work all the time. :P

Oh yeah, I gotta fit in some Easter cookie makin' sometime this week too. I love doing that... it's like painting to me. The mixing of the colors, the piping, the sprinkles, non-pareils, etc. I know that sounds painfully domestic, but I love to do it. Oh yeah, did anyone see my Christmas cookies?



Well you'll be happy to know that Michelle is over joyed at the possibility of you guys living in our immediate area again. I think we'll all be happy if you guys were just in the same state!

As for the camera bit: I couldn't agree more. Lug that baby around everywhere you go and shame on your for not doing so more whilst your stay in Hawaii! My big problem is that I'm waaaay more of a slacker than you are-I've had a light leak in my 35 mm for years and I have still yet to fix it. SLACKER. But I'm starting to take some more artsy photos and the low light capabilities of my Sony Digital Camera aren't great and it's beginning to aggrevate me.

That's the news for now: Didja get my last email. I can understand the delay: Too much to respond too.

Smell ya later


transmitted by Andy on March 26, 2002 07:14 AM

Here ya go, homegurl.
Sorry it took me so [email protected] long.

transmitted by zorg on March 26, 2002 09:17 AM

Mini tanks, Zorgy!

transmitted by Courtney on March 26, 2002 09:36 AM
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