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We're heading back to California! Kevin accepted a job at nVidia in lovely Santa Clara. We're not exactly sure where we're gonna live, but we're shooting for fairly close to the office. We'll see. Anyone have any suggestions for South Bay living?

Of course, I had to give notice at work. I turned in my two-week notice yesterday and it was announced this morning. So this day is already full of sadness and some tears around here. It's coming up so fast, and I think although everyone was expecting this, they're all shocked. It's really hard to leave this place because I really like the people here and the environment is just awesome. We're all sad.

Hmph. I'm here workin' workin' workin', and the highlight of Kevin's day today is the office-wide Quake game. Geeks.

Hmm. I should talk.


OK, I can help yout here. Grew up in Campbell,
as you prolly know. Sadly what will run your life
and what you should probably weight highest in
your "where to live" search is the farging
commute. Where 'zacly is nVidia located? No wait
I can finger that out. OK. San Tomas. Between Walsh
and Central xpwy. Hm. You have lots of options
actually which is good. Santa Clara or anywhere
from Campbell to 'tino to Mountain View is
probably not too awful, and won't require freeway
travel. (Famous last words).
G'luck toonie!

transmitted by zorgon on March 29, 2002 08:40 AM

Almost forgot:


transmitted by zorgon on March 29, 2002 08:42 AM

congrats and sympathies. :)

i've only met one person from nVidia. and she, a product manager, owes me a pre-release Mac card, dammit! ;)

as for South Bay living ... hmm. yep, Cupertino or Saratoga are nice. maybe Los Altos or thereabouts? 280 wasn't such a bad commute, last time i tried it.

not sure what you crazy kids are looking for, of course ... might be a good time to buy, before the market around here rebounds completely.

good luck :)

transmitted by eric on March 31, 2002 10:53 PM

Thanks for your help, Zorgy and Eric.

We've been looking at a lot of rental listings online and have laid the big AAA map out on the floor to find locations. It's hard to really tell what would be a good neighborhood to be in. That's a hard thing to tell from far away.

We're looking around Santa Clara and Milpitas, mostly. Trying to stay North, near the office and close to schools. We hate commuting. As do most people. Near Great America prolly wouldn't be a bad deal either. ;)

I was told this is a time to buy. Dunno if we're ready for that yet!

transmitted by Courtney on April 1, 2002 08:08 PM
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