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Yup, I'm late in the game in recapping the busy day that was Wednesday.

What can I say that wasn't already said by the others?

Wednesday was your humble correspondent's Big Day" at MacWorld. I arrived in The City around noon, hoping to grab some lunch with my boss from the Hawaii job, who was in town for MWSF. Hmm, no such luck, since he only had 45 minutes between conferences and was feeling rushed. No problem, since I grabbed a horrendously overpriced spinach salad at a nearby diner. Ever notice how inflated the food prices are in the direct vicinity of these conventions? Jeebus.

Anyways, I met up with Mike on the Expo floor, near the massive Apple booth. Within minutes, we were spontaneously joined by Eric... what were the chances of that happening at such a large gathering? I wandered the floor for quite a while, killed some time at a few booths. Later on, Eric and I decided on the nearby Chevy's for dinner, which we felt kinda guilty about. I feel like such a bad local... gotta reprahzent the local businesses and all (man, we really shoulda found Shalimar, huh, Nala?).

Afterwards, Mike and I were off to Gordon Biersch on the Embarcadero for the Online Tonight listener appreciation party. We were a tad early, but we showed up in the middle of the Firewire Plugfest (yes, we exhausted *every* joke possible about the name of that party). Three quarters of a beer later, we were off to tour the city in a motorized cable car, complete with blaring music, strobe lights and *ahem* "la-sers".

Ah, it was a pure out geekfest. Gotta love it! I finally got to meet up with Gretchen and Chris after missing out on this past weekend's Disco party... and fortunately, they had Lori and Jake in tow. Four gnomes for the price of two! Throw in the MacSlash crew and a handful of other techies, and we were set. A disco on wheels, cases of chilled beer, wine, and geeks... what more could you ask for?

I won some sort of prize in the drawing at the end of the night, but I wasn't paying enough attention to what it was. I guess I'll find out in a few days from the Google Guy.

Oh, and the Expo itself? I almost forgot. That was the least of my fun ;)

(Here's the link to the pictures again, for the incredibly lazy.)


Ugh. Avoid chain store restaurants. Mom and Pop places are always the best. Sometimes they are scary, but they tend to deliver that extra special something... along with the roaches.

transmitted by naladahc on January 10, 2003 04:14 AM

That was indeed an incredible party! Nice to meet you there!

transmitted by Tom Bridge on January 11, 2003 01:38 PM
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