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I woke up pretty late. Sheee-at.

Was up late playing the weekly poker game with the usual crew... also with a returning Ace (from his trip to Guatemala... he had some *great* pics), his sis Sonja, and Andy's hockey bud Tal. A great time was had by all, and much cokes and vanilla rum were consumed. What *are* those drinks called, anyways? I've heard that they are called "Wedding Cakes", but hell if I know.

So I was thinking of stopping by The City today, cos I had missed day one of the West Coast Blogger Disco Party... but who knows if everyone will just be a hung over mess today, heh. ;) I'm pretty sure that there will be no more disco boogie going on, but I want to meet up with everyone.

Busy week ahead. Classes start again on Monday, MacWorld is all week, hoping to get together with Mike, attend a taping of TSS, gonna meet up with my old boss from Hawaii, and I have to do 2 days worth of work over in the East Bay later this week. Oy.


in new york, we call them "cokes with vanilla rum"

transmitted by Jack on January 5, 2003 12:48 PM

Hm, yes, we do gots to get da hook up. Assuming I don't get snowed in here or Chicago, I'll be in tomorrow. So's, we have a week to fig'r it out.

Don't lose too much sleep over TSS. I'm thinking with 60,000 extra geeks in town, more than a few might try to get in. We'll have to play it by ear, I s'pose.

transmitted by Mike on January 5, 2003 07:33 PM
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