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I'll get back into the blogging flow eventually... my routine is all outta whack cos of the holidaze. I know I can only use that excuse for so long now... ;)

My recent days have been spent eating lots of good food (to shortly recap a few: mom's homecooked food, a trip to a fondue restaurant, heavenly sushi and noodle bowls), sleeping in (it's lovely to wake up after 10, isn't it?), and relaxing for the majority of the day. Sounds good, donnit? Only a few more days of this, and then it's back to the grind... *sigh*

What've you all been up to these past coupla days? The blogging world has been awful quiet as of late.

Now, for me, it's back to playing a but of The Sims Online. If you play too and want to look me up, I'm Courtney Lea in the city of Alphaville.

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