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Tonight, we had a little get-together of sorts to exchange secret santa gifts amongst some close friends. Yes, the comments in the Shout Box alluding to a St. Julie Christmas are in direct reference to this group of peoples. The get-together was luvverly, to say the least.

Not only was it great to get some old friends together, we had the second poker night for this weekend, some good eats and good conversation. Never mind that I didn't win a bit during each poker night, but eh, who cares?

Chris was my secret santa, and he got me a cool Super Mini Optical Mouse, as you see here (I just shot this photo, excuse the darkness of it).

Tonith had home-brewed some really great vanilla extract... I was so excited! Too bad I had done my holiday baking already, tho. This stuff is awesome... I was able to drink the stuff straight. A shot of it even made a plain ol' Coca-Cola taste awesome! Must... make... more...

I shot a couple photos of Bri after our poker game (which, I will add, in which he and Tonith cleaned up):

He wanted me to post that second one for sure, but the first one I kinda like. I call it the Money Shot. Bri just wanted to show off his new Mage Knight figure that he got from Chris. Oh yeah, and his cute daughter. ;)

It's always good to get together with friends you've had, like, forever. *sniff* It makes me all misty eyed...


What the crap?! Is that TWO buttons I see on that thar mini-mouse? How dare you! ;)

transmitted by Mike on December 24, 2002 12:15 AM
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