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So, as promised, I spent most of today at the California Extreme Gaming Show... as a geek *should*. I wore my "wizard needs food badly" t-shirt, of course. The ratio of men to women was staggering, naturally... but I felt perfectly comfortable whooping their butts in Warlords, hee hee! ;)

They had live projections of Dragon's Lair and various vector games on the convention hall's wall. Too awesome.

I played a lot of Pinball. Where else are you going to get this much pinball in one place? I took full advantage of it, and played almost every one of 'em. I played a few good games of Revenge from Mars with Mish, and I got a decent score of about 91,000,000!

Loren was there too, and he bought a game cabinet to start on his MAME project. Wish I had enough money to buy a game... but then I'd hafta toil over *which* one, such a hard decision!

Unfortunately, I did not have a digital camera on hand, and chanced lugging around my Nikon SLR. I only took 10 pictures. Whoops. My hands were full playing games, anyways. What a good way to spend a Sunday.


That's the beauty of MAME! You don't have to decide on ONE, you get them ALL. There was a batman cabinet for $150!! You can probably do a whole MAME cabinet on a budget for $500 or so... especially if you have a spare PC laying around. I'm just starting a blog to journal the MAME creation and document all the resources... so start saving up!

transmitted by loren on September 10, 2002 04:00 PM

Agreed, but I think I was also torn between a pinball game and a arcade game. But yeah, MAME is the way to go. I was considering a MAME table or station, but a cabinet sounds awesome.

Lemme know when you have your MAME blog up :)

transmitted by courtney on September 10, 2002 10:26 PM
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