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Today, I went to the East Bay to meet up with the family. You see, the brother's birthday was on Sunday, the sister's birthday is today, and the nephew's birthday is tomorrow. So I killed three birds with one stone and arrived bearing gifts and tiramisu.

I had found a coupon for Ghirardelli sundaes that Kev and I acquired last weekend in Monterey, so we took full advantage of it and raided the local Ghirardelli parlor for two-scoop Hot Fudge sundaes. Mmm.

The Walnut Creek Farmer's Market was goin' on this evening, so I raided the booths for many baskets of strawberries, fresh picked today, as well as some sweet onions. I'm glad to be back in California where this fresh produce is readily available. Another cool thing was that they're holding free jazz concerts right next to the farmer's market all summer, I think.

So, I was back home before the sun completely disappeared beneath the horizon... the clouds were a nice purply-pink in the cool blue sky. It was real purty. I was smelling the fresh strawberries all the way home, and it was starting to drive me nuts... I ran inside and put them in the fridge, stat.

I just now had found out that Ben was supposed to be nearby, in Palo Alto tonight. Dang, I think I missed him by a hair. I was reading his recent entry on Killoggs telling me to get in touch for tonight if I happened to read it. Ah well. I think I'll be seeing him sometime next week if his busy schedule permits.

That is all.

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