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We went today to see the first showing of Lilo and Stitch. It's a damn good idea to see the first show of the day, I had almost forgotten about this long lost trick of the movie theater going experience. You get there, and find a parking spot almost immediately, you can find a seat in a preferred spot swiftly, and have lunch right afterwards!

Lunch was In-N-Out burgers. This is a rare moment where I will eat a hamburger on my own free will. Kev and I had forgotten how good this place is... living on an island for a few years can make you forget these things. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to go over well with the kids too much. I guess this is just the nature of kids... they want everything as plain as possible, and god forbid that In-N-Out cuts fresh potatoes everyday for their fries... they don't coat them in beef lard like McDonald's! Such a shame that many kids these days prefer the processed crap that's churned out by fast food joints.

Andy had reminded me that I need to read Fast Food Nation... it sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

So I spent the rest of my afternoon trying my hand (or is that green thumb?) at gardening. I went and bought a bunch of crap at OSH... well, not literally. I decided to go with the mushroom compost, thank you. Got some herbs for the garden, including some catnip for Sparx to get wasted on. Aerated the soil around the lawn and then planted some summer flowers and scattered some wildflower seed. Hopefully, these plants will stay alive for more than a few weeks... I'm not too good at this gardening stuff. I guess my place is in front of the monitor... ^_^;;

Of course, tonight was also poker night. The weekend would not be complete without it. I feel pretty good about losing my money to the "Feed Mish lunch for the week" fund.

This has been a summary of Courtney's Saturday. Signing off.

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