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I had lunch with Robyn today, in Emeryville. This is the first time we've met IRL (in real life, for you non-acronym peeps). Too bad, since he's about to move to Seattle. I met Robyn on the FARK Forums sometime late last year. A good guy, I wish him luck in the Starbucks State... er, I mean, Evergreen State.

Robyn gave me a couple of great California books... one on CA Hiking, which will be a great help when geocaching, for sure. And a generic California handbook. You can never know too much about your home state. :)

I was to meet my mom later at IKEA, but had a few hours to kill after lunch. So of course, I geocached. Duh.

Scoped out, but didn't find, the "No eGrets" cache... it was ugly anyways. Not a good sign when you find packets of condoms and syringe packaging, is it? Went on to find the Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge cache, which was really easy. Nice walk, that bridge.

I then headed to IKEA and met Mom for a bit. Got some throw pillows, display shelves and mortar & pestle. Nothing too exciting. They were still out of an item that I've been asking about for months now. Grr.

Straight from IKEA back to the Berkeley for the New Stinky cache. This one is a toughie, but I found it! Lots of bricks and concrete about to scrape my legs and knees up. Luckily, I left a little first aid baggie for the next visitor.

I think I'm gonna stay on this side of the Bay tomorrow.

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