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It happened so fast, we had no idea what hit us!

I'm now writing from Santa Clara, CA. I'm sitting here in our Apartment Complex's little business center, since we have no DSL in our room just yet.

So far, it's been an adventure. Moving always is, isn't it? We flew to the Big Island to visit Hilo and the Volcanoes National Park. That was fun. We didn't see any flowing lava, but there was a lot to see... steam vents (one which I almost burned my hand in, heh), huge craters with nene (hawaiian geese) hanging about, vast fields of hardened lava. Very cool stuff. I'll post pictures soon.

We flew out to San Jose on Friday night, on a red eye flight. Got in Saturday morning, tired and cold (we still were in shorts and tshirts, ack!). We got to the apartment, ready for a shower and nap... and we find out (or rather, were surprised) that the water heater/gas was not turned on! Eek! So they put us up in a hotel for two nights... we were not too happy about moving around again, but we had to.

The cat wasn't too happy, either. Poor thing. We finally let her our of her box last night. After jumping on every surface and peeking in every crack, she was content.

Sorry that this entry is kinda vague, but there's a lot of info to share and not too much time for me to invest in writing. Battery is running low and I have more things to do. Just a quick update, that's all!

More to come, as we look for homes and get settled.


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