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I'm trying to make a digital jukebox. Here's My MP3 Collection so far (this link is an Excel spreadsheet). Most are legit MP3s, for the record. EMusic.comis an excellent legit MP3 source. They pay royalties to the artists. Sounds good to me! But yeah, I'm as guilty as most, in the respect that I used Napster and Audiogalaxy to get some hard-to-find and selected tracks.

I love my new Yamaha CRW2100FXZ (Lightspeed 16x10x40x External Firewire CD-RW). I highly recommend it. Got it at for $149 after rebate... a VERY good deal. Been using it for some well-overdue archiving and also for ripping more MP3's.

Just bought a copy of Tropico this afternoon, after playing the demo for a couple hours last night. It rocks. Bonus, it works in Mac OS X... but haven't tried it yet since I'm a OS 9 devotee. Anyhoo... I love sim games. But I have been almost afraid to play SimTower, one of my favorites, because it reminds me too much of the WTC. :(

X-Files tonight. I'm sure you've all heard that it's the final season. Time for me to admit that it's on its last legs.

Enough links from me for tonight. I'm working tomorrow, so enjoy the holiday, those of you that have it off, and take a moment to remember Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy.

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